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With millions of Texans without power and other essential utilities with at least 27 deaths recorded as of February 17, 2021, could Texas energy generators have been better prepared?

Ed Hirs of the University of Houston, an energy fellow, and professor of energy economics, claims that investing in reliability beforehand could have significantly prepared Texas energy generators and lightened this week’s burden.

He said in an interview with ABC News, “if you’re a company that generates power, there’s no incentive to be ready for winter… In Texas, every generator really is geared toward providing service in July and August and…

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I have this thing about people who choose to lead, they aren’t leaders. The people who find themselves leading are chosen by the people who share their goals. Who move them with inspiration, vision, and empowerment.

Not voted in by a deceptively limited multiple choice.

Here are just some examples of great historical leaders chosen by the peoples will for change; Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Chico Mendes, Ganga Zumba, Nelson Mandela, Septimia Zenobia, Granny Nanny, and Blanca Canales.

Each has recognized wrong happening to others and sought to overcome even when it meant their own lives could be…

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What if this virus was a blessing in disguise? (Bear with me here)

We were about to go to war, we didn’t spend enough time with the people we love, or ourselves. Pollution, mass production, overcrowding, the destruction of nature all on a global scale.

BOOM! The hamster wheel stops.

Now we have the time to reflect and see what obliviously spinning that wheel has created. The world and the life we created for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.

Maybe this virus has a silver lining.

A lot of the ways things were, didn’t work, on a micro as…

LOVE STORMS. Read if you dare 😉

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The sound of droplets crashing into exposed objects, reverberating the sound of everything that we believe exists. Validating the material world we have created.

Condensed positive energy manifests in friction meets the negative energy below and, in a flash, the pure observation of the speed of light.

The speed electrons are said to orbit the nucleus of an atom, the foundation of matter. Followed by darkness and the thunderous blaring of the sound barrier being broken. Natures way of balancing itself.

The energy and vibrations in the air, pulsating each pore, reminding us…

FERC Presentation Nov 21, 2019

On November 21, 2019, FERC made an announcement concerning cybersecurity threats and electric infrastructure challenges, where they unveiled five areas of focus. In addition, FERC announced organizational changes within the Office of Energy (OEP) and the Office of Electric Reliability (OER) that will better serve grid security and cybersecurity concerns.

Pulling from the experience and knowledge of each of the relevant offices, a FERC staff presentation on November 21st identified five key areas where Commission staff will strategically and collectively focus efforts to address critical cybersecurity challenges.

Based on FERC’s reviews of recent threat reports, the cybersecurity climate concerning global…

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Whether your policies are eloquently written in precise detail, your facility runs a clean operation, or even if your firm is currently successful in today’s marketplace, it can all come apart without a strong handle on your organization’s training needs and ability to effectively manage a training program.

Ensuring that your staff is properly trained to do their work is a basic expectation for regulatory bodies in the life science industries.

In order to manage this extremely important activity, your organization must:

  • Properly identify and maintain training requirements
  • Manage all associated training activities
  • Identify, provide, and manage training materials and…
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On the radar since April of this year, spear-phishing campaigns are targeting U.S. Utility companies in waves. The first wave was identified between July 19th and 25th, however, it has been now discovered it started as early as April. The second wave of malicious emails was identified to have occurred between August 21st and 29th of last month. With as many as 17 U.S. Utility companies confirmed as the targets of these malicious campaigns.

What is spear-phishing?

Unlike phishing, where the malicious actor sends out spoof emails where they pretend to be an organization that most users would trust, such…

The Energy and Utility sector like so many other industries have been improving operations and meeting their markets’ demand by way of advancing their technology. Smart grids, smart meters, etc., all enhance the flow of operations and can maximize service reliability. However, one of the downsides to these industry advancements are the vulnerabilities that come along with having cyber assets.

Vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors, who unfortunately are gaining sophistication as fast as cyber technology advances. These cybercriminals could have the potential to expose weaknesses in an entity’s infrastructure.

What does it take for a hacker to…

Medical device recalls have been on the rise for over a decade, with 51.2% of the recalls contributing to quality issues in the first quarter of 2019. Whereas for the first time since the third quarter of 2016, quality issues were the leading cause of medical device recalls. The average recall size in the first quarter of 2019 was 823,126; the highest since 2006.

While nobody likes to think about the possibility of a recall, having a well-documented remediation plan can mean the difference between a streamlined recall and widespread public panic.

What is your objective when a medical device recall occurs?

For the FDA, reducing risk to consumer safety…

Heavily regulated manufacturers that are still using informal documentation practices have found it difficult to keep pace with the ever-shifting compliance requirements. Unfortunately, the needs of the FDA and forthcoming EU MDR/IVDR in 2020 require a controlled document management system.

Moving from disjointed, paper-based methods to an electronic document management strategy may seem overwhelming.

Nevertheless, the correct approach, as well as the right technology, will better support innovation and agility. It is of the utmost importance to preserve the validity of the product data throughout the manufacturing processes.

An automated document management system allows you to create, organize, store, access…

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